Household electric shock mosquito lamp led mosquito traps no radiation mute pregnant baby artifact restaurant repellent mosquito lamp

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Color Classification Highly Efficient Red Version,Blue Efficient Version,Protection Version Of The Black,Red +2.3 M Extension Cord,Blue +2.3 M Extension Cable,Black +2.3 M Extension Cable,Yellow With Switch,Yellow + 2.5 M Extension Cable With Switch

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Product Q & A

How about indoor mosquito repellent lamp for pregnant women and baby restaurants?

, Without UV, with electric shock sound, of course, if you have other requirements, you can become the conditions when choosing ...

Which brand of mosquito killer is good

However, in actual use, the efficiency is not high, and the volume is large, and it will emit the charred smell of mosquitoes; the more advanced mosquito killing lamps are currently used ...

Household mosquito killer lamp electronic mosquito repellent mute non-radiation photocatalyst indoor ...

Answer: Jia Debao Children's Electric Mosquito Repellent Liquid is suitable for babies

What is the difference with family and electronic insect killers photocatalyst mosquito?

light deodorization repellent species, using the natural enzyme decomposition, not only to maintain the room, bathroom, kitchen and fresh air, and ...

Baosida led household photocatalyst mosquito killer lamp mosquito trap mosquito trap ...

No harmful gas will be released, no harm! There is a fan that can suck mosquitoes into the mosquito storage box to air dry to death! The effect is good! Hope to adopt !!!

LED photocatalyst mosquito repellent lamp

Answer: There will be no impact, LED is just ordinary light, and it will not hurt anyone when it meets

Mosquito trap

Specific light wave safe 365unm light wave and color inhale harmful insects and kill them by electric shock through electrostatic shock. Generally divided into electric shock mosquito killing lights, ...

2010 The latest Shishan brand intelligent light control type LED mosquito trap photocatalyst mosquito ...

A: One of my family has just arrived. I tried it for a few days. Today I have 7 mosquitoes. The LED tube is more power efficient.