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Kingston U disk 16g u disk high speed USB3.0 DT100 G3 16G U disk 16g business USB flash drive

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Product specifics
Brand Kingston/Kingston
Kingston Model DT100G316G
Flash Capacity 16 GB
Color Brand New
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Color Classification DT100G3/16G+OTG Adapter DT100G3/16G+ Mobile Phone Holder DT100G3/16GDT100G3/16G+ Two-in-one Data Cable DT100G3/16G+ Charging Head DT100G3/16G+ Apple Data Cable
Package Type Official Standard
Manufacturer Kingston Technology
USB Type USB3.0
Whether To Support Anti-counterfeiting Query Stand By

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Product Q & A

Kingston U disk 16gu disk High-speed USB3.0 DT100 G3 16G U disk 16g...

It takes only 1 second to retrieve the D disk.

Kingston DT100G3 16gu disk usb 3.0 mass production

Start different computer installation systems.

Seeking Kingston U disk USB flash drive 16gu disk High-speed USB3.0 DT100 G3 16G...

the same

Kingston DT100 G3 16G USB3.0 U disk, when writing files...

21.2*10mm Other features 1, greatly improved bandwidth - up to 5Gbps full duplex...

Kingston U disk 16gu disk High-speed USB3.0 DT100 G3 is a variety of colors...

A: In Jingdong, you must pay attention to inspection, fake is not, second-hand goods are still there, manufacturers will have different font colors according to the batch, as long as it is genuine!

Kingston Kingston DT 100G3 32GB USB3.0 U disk can...

The BIOS is set to boot from the U disk, put the previous image into the U disk; 4, after the U disk is booted, select "GHOST manual installation" in the startup interface...

Kingston u disk 32gu disk high speed usb3.0 dt100 g3 what chip

A: I use Kingston USB3.0. I use an East 85 yuan 32G. It is a good value. I am using a computer to test the computer. I have read and write the speed very well.

Kingston U disk 64gu disk High-speed USB3.0 DT100 G3 can make U disk...

A: Yes, the mobile hard disk can also make a U disk boot disk. You can use the old peach, Chinese cabbage and other software to make the boot disk.

Kingston DT100G3 and SanDisk Extreme High Speed ​​USB3.0 flash drive which is better

For 480Mpbs half-duplex; b, to achieve better power management; c, to enable the host to identify the device faster; d, the new protocol makes the data ...

Kingston DT 100G3 32GB USB3.0 U disk Black how

The speed is faster and the reading speed is slower. Disadvantages: The reading speed is not too fast. Supplement: It says the speed of the parameter: read 81M/s, write 11M/s, my measured speed is...