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Ice cracked tea set Kung Fu tea set ceramic tea set tea cup tea set tea set home simple

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Product specifics
Brand Praise
Material Tao
Place Of Origin Dehua County
The Number Of Suitable Six People
Type Kung Fu Tea Set
Color Classification 7-piece Set Of Malachite Green,7-piece Set Of Malachite Green Solid Color,7-piece Set Of Sapphire Blue,7-piece Set Of Sapphire Blue Solid Color,7-piece Amethyst Colorful,7 Lubao Japanese Straight Pots - Black,7 Lubao Japanese Straight Pots - Peacock Blue,7 Lubao Japanese Straight Pots - Grass Green,7 Head Kiln Ancient Pot - Green,7 Head Kiln Side Pot - Green,10 Piece Set Of Malachite Green Colorful,10 Piece Set Of Peacock Green Solid Color,7 Celadon Squid Cups,7 Head Kiln Ancient Pot - Blue,7 Head Kiln Embossed Plum - Blue,7 Head Kiln Embossed Plum - Green,7 Head Kiln Straight Pot Green,7 Head Waves - Green,10 Zen Words Ge Kiln Cover Bowl - Blue,10 Ge Kiln Zen Teapot - Blue,10 Zen Words Ge Kiln Cover Bowl - Green,10 Ge Kiln Zen Teapot - Green,7 汝 妃 妃 妃 Pot,7 Head Kiln Chaise Pot
Main Map Source Autonomous Real-life Pictures
Tea Set Type Kung Fu Tea Set
Serve With Tea Tray No

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Taobao bought a colorful ice-cracked kung fu tea set, and then saw baidu said...

Answer: have certificate of qualification to have no matter, normal factory, now green vegetables all poisonous, do you still eat not?