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Metal Rotary Fatty 8gu disk gift custom logo business personality USB flash drive Office USB flash drive

  • Product Code: 15794972118
  • Availability: 311035
  • $3.62

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Product specifics
Brand Flash
Model UT001 (8G)
Flash Capacity 8GB
USB Type USB2.0
Color Brand New
Whether To Support Anti-counterfeiting Query Not Support
After Sales Service Nationwide Warranty
Package Type Official Standard
Color Classification Red #011靓彩夹子 Yellow
Manufacturer Shenzhen Ounuoxing Technology Co., Ltd.

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Product Q & A

2015 corporate gifts custom all-metal U disk how? Which manufacturer does not customize...

A: 2015 corporate gifts custom-made all-metal U disk as a business gift to the customer is a very good choice. Once on the grade, the second is not to lower the identity of the person, it is suitable for customers.

What are the advantages of gift u disk customization?

A: It doesn't mean that there are names and appearances on it. You can see that your brand logo can expand your influence and so on.... It’s true that these U disk performances are not good.... The capacity of the school is slow.


A: Not only the culture or background of the company that can be promoted, but also can be spread to potential people. Huayi Runquan will help you find the most appropriate positioning according to the occasions you need.

Class reunion wants to customize a batch of gift u disk as a commemoration, what u disk is good?

A: Class reunion gift u disk custom choice wrist u disk, can be used as an ornament, can be used as a u disk, and easy to carry, wrist u disk Slick is still good.

Where can I customize the gift U disk?

A: Call the flash u disk, in Beijing

u disk custom card u disk as a birthday gift can be?

U disk form, with a color spray machine, one-time 8-color output, you can design the corresponding pattern or text according to individual needs; card-type U disk carrying...

Class reunion wants to customize a batch of gift u disk as a commemoration, what u disk is good?

A: I think it's still a custom batch. It's best to be a LOGO. What kind of school is a few classmates gathering, more commemorative meaning - to be meaningful, practical, flashy things or not suitable

What does the custom gift u disk mean?

A: The custom gift u disk means to make your own u disk according to your own needs, including style, memory size, and printed logo.

I want to order a lot of creative U disk, gift U disk, can be a company in appearance...

A: Beijing, excellent gifts, Chengmen technology, do u disk are quite cattle

Gift u disk manufacturer, Shenzhen production gift u disk manufacturers a lot!

16g also has 32gb, 64gb high-capacity USB flash drive! Like the USB flash drive gzusb, the USB flash drive manufacturers only produce u disk do not do anything...