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Ordinary trekking pole wand tip round head wear-resistant rubber foot wand parts round anti-skid protective cover foot cover

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Product Q & A

Is it necessary to match the tip of the pole on the trekking pole?

It is specifically for the trekking poles.

Is the plastic cover of the trekking pole tip to be used?

A: The plastic sleeve of the tip of the trekking pole does not need to be removed.

The rubber collar on the Robinson trekking pole is the one inch long circle...

The tip, so that can play the role of trekking pole. The round collar above the tip of the stick is the mud support, mainly used on soft ground, like rain, snow and snow...

When climbing a mountain, is there a climbing stick with a protective sleeve?

A: The protective cover is for you to use on the flat land like cement. However, the mountain must first understand the weather conditions, and the fog will not go.

What equipment is needed for outdoor adventure?

A: 1, hiking shoes 2, backpack, backpack rain cover 3, sleeping bag, large plastic bag with sleeping bag: plastic bag must be brought, no matter what it is when starting...

Does Zhangdian have a wand tip that sells trekking poles?

A: Let me answer, Yan Feng, I wish to say yes.

How do you choose mountaineering?

The more the better, the lower the mountain; the lower the mountain; the shorter the contraction when not in use, it is easy to tie to the backpack. Rod material: titanium alloy...

Is the Robinson trekking pole tip the same size as the exel Nordic walking stick?

Already have a trekking pole, then, can the trekking pole replace the Nordic walking stick, trekking pole and Nordic walking stick...

The trekking pole rubber buckle is dead. What can I do if I can't lock it?

Pointed, so that you can play the role of trekking pole. The round collar above the tip of the stick is mud, mainly used on soft ground, like rain, snowing

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