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Outdoor whistle life whistle collection whistle

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Product Q & A

When wearing a life jacket, which aspect should the whistle bag of the life jacket be facing?

Separation, or, there are sharp vessels and children's items, etc., piercing the life jacket under the surge of the waves. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, the waves...

How to wear life jackets correctly

This life jacket is characterized by its light weight and easy to wear. It does not feel too bloated when worn on the body, making it easy for us to work.

Life jacket bag facing in or out

It is made. It is generally used for 5-7 years. It is one of the life-saving equipment on board and on the plane. One...

Where is the life jacket whistle bag?

4. Four steps, tie the strap on the collar around your neck.

What is the principle and use of life jackets?

The body has enough buoyancy to make the head of the drowning water out of the water. Generally we use the marine life jacket. Its internal mining...

How to use life jackets

4. Four steps, tie the strap on the collar around your neck.

When you wear a life jacket, you should put the lifesaving pocket on where

A: Pocket? Are you fishing life jackets? I bought this kind of pocketless

What do I need to prepare before going drifting?

Whistle, looking for ambulance...

Life jackets are required to wear pictures

A: Different manufacturers' life jackets are worn differently. I suggest you find the instructions for your manufacturer, there may be.

Help: compilation of various management systems of the swimming pool.

Use the tool and 20 minutes in advance...