Jade unicorn pendant male jade necklace three-dimensional unicorn jadeite A cargo jade pendant men and women models lucky and evil jade jade jade

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Product specifics
Design / Shape Other
After Sales Service Other
Price Range 500 Yuan
Type Of Farming Green Oil
Style Pendant
Identification Mark Domestic Identified
Identification Category Other Appraisal Agencies
Certification Mark CMA

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Product Q & A

Fur, jade necklace ornaments What is the role ah, I heard that can ward off evil Lucky ...

Lucky role, only the brave would also like to put ornaments will be some ability to place virtually no pendant brave Lucky's, while Kirin and PI ...

What is the role of jade pendants unicorn

maintenance perspective, Kirin jade same as with the other person can have subtle physical conditioning benefits most important thing is brought up good-looking, with their own ...

Lin Daiyu Qi boy okay

, Submission to the wearer and their offspring happy and peaceful, so that family harmony Chang rope [Forte Yu Zhuang] enthusiastic to answer your questions, hoping to help to you Oh!

Dog people can wear jade pendant unicorn do?

A: It is said that this year is not allowed to wear neck ornaments all

Wear a unicorn pendant what about?

Note Do not let the clothes wear eye blocking the brave, because brave eye for treasure, do not block his mouth because his mouth ...

With Kirin What is the meaning of it ??

, presented only in times of peace, Kirin is the Chinese people's lives forever mascot.

What kind of a man with a jade pendant unicorn

A: In life, there is blue sky with haze, I chose the, where to look, again what kind of content every day, filled into life?

Why Kirin potted evil

A: The mind is full of righteousness, not afraid of evil wrapped.