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Jade Kirin pendant male jade necklace three-dimensional Kirin Jade A cargo jade pendant men and women to create a wealth of evil jade jade jade Pee

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  • $36.54

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Product specifics
Pattern/shape Other
After Sales Service Other
Price Interval Less Than 500 Yuan
Land Type Oil Green
Style Pendant
Identification Mark Domestic Identification
Identification Category Other Accreditation Bodies
Certification Mark CMA

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Product Q & A

What is the role of the jade beast's necklace pendant? I heard that it can be used to confiscate evil spirits...

The role of the lucky role, only the ornaments of the plaques will have to be placed in the right place, the pendant 貔貅 basically has no ability to make money. And Kirin and 貔...

What is the role of jade unicorn pendant?

Maintenance, Yu Yulin, like other jade, can have subtle physiological conditioning benefits for people. The most important thing is to bring it to look good, with yourself...

Is the boy wearing Yu Yulin?

For the wearer and his son to send a happy and peaceful, so that their family and ambiguity, career Changyou [Futai Yuzhuang] enthusiastically for your answer, I hope to help you!

Can a dog be wearing a jade unicorn pendant?

A: It is said that this year, the neck is not allowed to wear all ornaments.

What is the stress of wearing a Kirin pendant?

Be careful not to let your clothes block your eyes when you wear them, because your eyes are used for treasure hunt and you don’t want to block his mouth because of his mouth...

What does it mean to have a jade unicorn??

It is only presented in the prosperous times of the Taiping, and Yu Yulin is the mascot forever in Chinese life.

What kind of jade unicorn pendant does the man bring?

A: In life, there is a blue sky and a haze. I choose to look at it every day, and what kind of content is filled into life?

Why does Yu Yulin potted the evil spirits?

A: The heart is full of anger, not afraid of evil.