Japan imported household rectangular cutting board large chopping board knife board kitchen cutting board plastic classification cutting board mildew

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Product specifics
Brand Inomata
Origin Other Overseas Regions
Whether Manual No
For People Public
Style Japanese-style
Material Plastic
Shape Rectangle
Packing Type Single Pack
Article Number 0059
Size 24*38.2
Color Classification Meat,Fruits,Fish,Vegetables

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Product Q & A

What should the kitchen cutting board be called? Chopping board / chopping board / cutting board?

Chopping board. A chopping board is a chopping board. It is a wooden board that is placed on the table to prevent damage to the table when cutting vegetables. The colloquial board is called the chopping board, and the written term is the chopping board.

Does the marble under the kitchen cutting board chopping board have radiation? Does it affect the human body ...

Chopping board. A chopping board is a chopping board. It is a wooden board that is placed on the table to prevent damage to the table when cutting vegetables.

How to use different colors of western food kitchen cutting board

Cut off the possibility of food being contaminated to ensure food safety. Color rules: Red chopping board is used to cut raw meat, than ...

What are the advantages of using plastic cutting boards? What are the disadvantages?

Made of plants, the material is relatively strong and not easy to crack or slag, the dirt is not easy to be stuck in the gap, it is relatively clean, and it is more convenient to clean ...

Solid wood cutting board, bamboo cutting board, plastic cutting board, which is suitable for home use?

However, due to easy wear and tear, most of them have been cast with plastics recently.In order to avoid cracking caused by improper storage, the cutting board should not be soaked in water and exposed to sunlight for a long time.

PE cutting board cutting board cutting board material, advantages and disadvantages

It always feels not as good as wood; plus it is a kind of plastic, so we also feel that it is not as good as a wooden chopping board, and the cutting board is good for the body ...

How to hang the kitchen cutting board

Written term for chopping board. In the past, the cutting board was mainly made of wood, but because of easy wear, most of the recent use of plastic as a material. The protection of the cutting board: 1. Separate raw and cooked ...

What kind of cutting board is good

Mainly, but because it is easy to wear, recently, most of them are cast with plastic. Three, how to buy cutting boards: Common cutting boards on the market include bamboo, wood, and plastic ...

What material is good for cutting board

Eat into the body in meat dishes, long-term damage to health. In addition, the wooden cutting board used for a long time, the cut marks are easy to accumulate dirt, not easy to clean, and some wood, such as

Why should the raw cooked food kitchen knife cutting board be separated when cutting vegetables

Hygiene habits. When you are inconvenient to wash your hands, you must wipe your hands with alcohol cotton or disinfected napkins. 2, tableware should be hygienic, and everyone must have their own special ...