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Japan imported household rectangular cutting board large cutting board knife board kitchen cutting board plastic classification cutting board mildew

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  • $2.66

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Product specifics
Brand Inomata
Place Of Origin Other Overseas Regions
Whether It Is Handmade No
For People Public
Style Japanese-style
Material Plastic
Shape Rectangle
Packing Type Single Pack
Item Number 0059
Size 24*38.2
Color Classification Meat,Fruit,Fish,Vegetables

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Product Q & A

A good way to prevent mildew on the cutting board?

If the cutting board has been moldy, place the cutting board in the rice water or wash it with detergent, then wash it with water and let it dry in a ventilated place, but don't easily...

Is the wooden chopping board good or the plastic chopping board good?

Invasion. Wooden chopping boards have the ability to resist bacteria. At the same time, the trees that make wooden chopping boards are generally excellent wood of old age, and more...

Solid wood cutting board, bamboo cutting board, plastic cutting board, which is suitable for home?

However, due to the easy wear and tear, most of them have recently been cast from plastic materials. In order to avoid cracking caused by improper storage, the cutting board should not be soaked in water for a long time and exposed to sunlight.

Western food kitchen board how to use different colors

Cut off the possibility of food contamination and ensure food safety. Color rules: Red chopping board is used to cut raw meat, than...

Is the plastic cutting board harmless to the human body?

No. 13 Minjiang Road, Technology Development Zone. The company was originally built in 1990 and is the first domestically introduced German...

What is the material of the kitchen board?

Plate tempered glass, etc. Different materials have different characteristics, but wooden cutting boards are relatively safer because they are natural, no other...

What are the benefits of using plastic cutting boards? What are the disadvantages?

Made of plants, the material is firm and not easy to crack or slag, the dirt is not easy to be stuck in the gap, it is relatively clean, and it is more convenient to clean....

Is the rice husk board easy to use? Is it antibacterial? Is it harmful to the human body?

Scratches will not crack. Due to the high hardness, the rice husk cutting board is especially easy to clean. When changing the raw food, only need clear water, you can...

What should the kitchen cutting board be called? Chopping board / chopping board / cutting board?

Chopping board. The cutting board is the chopping board, which is the wooden board that is placed on the table to prevent damage to the table when cutting vegetables. The spoken language is called the cutting board, and the written language is called the chopping board.

PE case board cutting board material, advantages and disadvantages

It is easy to cut out the slag foam, and enter the human body with food, causing damage to the liver and kidney; some plastic cutting boards with deep color are mostly made of waste plastic...