Japanese hammer fair cup Pyrex points thickened tea sea tea brewing tea strainers hammer head pattern parts separated Chacha

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Product specifics
Brand Chang Page One
Material Glass
Origin Other
Color Classification Gilt Walnut Sessile Cup-shaped Well,The Yellow-base 330ml + Tea Strainers,The Yellow Square Kilometers Hammer Cup 330ML,Gilt Not Well Shaped Cup Walnut Sessile,The Blue Square Bottom 350ml + Tea Strainers,The Bottom Side 350ML + Yellow Tea Strainers,The Yellow Square Bottom Hammer About,Petals Public Cup,Bark Wengongbeiyue,Purple Square Bottom Hammer About The,Green Square Bottom Hammer About The,Stump Public Funds Of About 250ml Cup A1,Slimming Well Hammer Cup 380ml The Yellow,Public Cup Four Sides Of Fine Lines,Hammer Cup 380ml Green Slimming The Well,Generous Public Binglie Cup,Blue-base Hammer About The,Binglie Generous Public Gilt Cup,Shu Wen Fair Cup 210ml,Mellow Yellow To Fair Cup 350ml,The Sleek Blue Fair Cup 350ml,Italian Public Row About 280ml Cup,Line Octagonal Public About 160ml Cup,Xingjian Public About 340ml Cup
Tea Tableware Process Heat-resistant Glass

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