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JEEP Jeep 18 large commander high with driving recorder dedicated HD night vision hidden wide angle

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  • $39.08

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Product specifics
Model SH-BK(6150)
Features Front And Rear Double Lens,Before And After Recording,Collision Sensing,Mobile Speed,Fixed Speed,Parking Monitoring,WIFI,GPS Positioning,Motion Detection,WeChat Check Car, Intelligent Voice Control, WeChat Access, Illegal Inquiry, FM Launch,,Cycle The Video,Night Vision Fill Light
Run A Memory 1GB
Color Classification Default Black Other Please Note
Package Official Standardization,Package One,Package 2,Package Three,Package Four,Package Five,Package Six
The Screen Size Without Screen
Installation Type Special Vehicle
Main Lens Aperture F2.0
The Lens Number Dual Lens
Take Pictures Of Pixels 12 Million
Camera Pixels 12 Million
The Picture Perspective 170°
Image Resolution 1080p

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Product Q & A

How about Jeep commander? Is it worth buying?

Answer: when it comes to big Jeep commander everyone seems to be more familiar with its predecessor COMMAND commander, the commander of the great commander is different from before, big commander based on FCA compact platform to build joint venture midsize SUV, and only for the Chinese city is often great commander as successor of the old models, adhering to the money for the old model big size, dimensions, respectively: 487...

Jeep big commander what color is good

A: big JEEP commander already on sale, although the price is a little bit expensive, but I still have a lot of consumers for the day, the new car launched a total of six kinds of body color choice to consumers, ABU dhabi brown, kanas is white, the black, Sicily, grey, red bordeaux, the blue Mediterranean. A variety of color, are in conformity with the hard temperament...

What are the features of the all-new Jeep commander?

Answer: as consumer upgrades, diversified life dimensions, business social occasions, high-end SUV demand continues to heat up, at the same time, the arrival of the two-child policy let seven SUV has become a necessary of life, so the high-end large seven suvs became the tuyere tuyere, become the consumer to be bestowed favor on newly. Based on this kind of market demand, a few days ago, the fourth paragraph of Jeep car...

What's the difference between a Kodiak and a JEEP commander

A: the difference between a Kodiak and a JEEP commander is that the JEEP commander is technically one step above the Kodiak in terms of space.

Jeep commander has tire pressure monitoring

A: yes, big commander is a new model designed for the Chinese market. There is no such model on the market overseas at present.

Cadillac XT4 or Jeep commander

A: hello, it is recommended to choose Cadillac xT4 with more beautiful and fashionable appearance, good quality and reputation, stable performance, low failure rate and good handling.

Which is better, jeep commander or ford sharp?

A: the jeep commander is better than the ford sharp when it comes to turning heads, and the ford sharp when it comes to maintenance convenience.

Roewe RX8 or Jeep commander which is better

A: compared with the roewe RX8 and Jeep commander, I think the roewe RX8 is better in terms of cost performance, and the Jeep commander is better in terms of brand.

Jeep commander, Toyota highlander or Volkswagen turon

Answer: according to the JEEP family many years of product quality, the power matching, resale value and market, it takes courage to choose big commander if not on the JEEP brand history has special feelings, choose this car is for digging holes and the way the evaluation can only say, in the same platform, is light, the size, the smaller the manufacturer about the set-up and size, the greater the difficulty the more...