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Jeep Jeep Free Light Guide Freelancer Driving Recorder Special Hidden High Definition Night Vision Dual Lens

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  • $39.08

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Product specifics
Model SH-BK(6091)
Features Night Vision Fill Light,Cycle The Video,WeChat Check Car, Intelligent Voice Control, WeChat Access, Illegal Inquiry, FM Launch,,Motion Detection,GPS Positioning,WIFI,Parking Monitoring,Fixed Speed,Mobile Speed,Collision Sensing,Before And After Recording,Front And Rear Double Lens
Run A Memory 1GB
Color Classification Default Black Other Please Note
Package Official Standardization,Package One,Package 2,Package Three,Package Four,Package Five,Set Of Six
Screen Size Without Screen
Installation Type Special Vehicle
Main Lens Aperture F2.0
The Lens Number Double Lens
Picture Pixel 12 Million
Camera Pixels 12 Million
The Picture Perspective 170°
Image Resolution 1080p

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Product Q & A

Jeep Free Light, Freelancer, Guide, which one is good

Answer: The positioning of these cars is different. There is no way to compare them horizontally. It seems that you have little concept and understanding of the car. So, the positioning is Free Light > Guide > Freelancer.

the difference between jeep free light and free passenger

A:1, guide and free passenger is the same platform car, machine and chassis transmission are the same, different shape, 2, free passenger belongs to the compact SUV, free light belongs to the medium-sized SUV, the size is larger than the free passenger; , one grade high; four-wheel drive system

The Jeep Free Light and the Free Man are better than the Free Man

A: Jeep Free Light and Liberty, in general, personally think that the budget is sufficient or free light better, after all, free light height of one level, space and comfort more advantages

Four-wheel drive version, guide and free man, Free Light which is the most cost-effective

A: If these three cars are purchased, it is recommended to choose free light, better space, 2, 4 engine quality technology better

Is Jeep Freelancer the same as Free Light Car Key?

Answer: It looks the same and has different functions.

Four-wheel drive version, guide and free man, Free Light which is the most cost-effective

A: Recommended guide, beautiful appearance fashion, car configuration is rich, engine training is very good, fuel consumption is relatively low, 100 km fuel consumption in about 9 points, reputation of the same level of excellent, can be considered

Jeep Free Light and Jeep Freeman's better Free Light have several displacements.

Answer: The color of the 2017 free-light car body has been unified, and the body appearance after the modification seems to be injected with fashion elements, just like a girl wearing a dress. 2, 2017 free-light side skirts will inevitably be unified into the same color design as the body. 3, 2017 free-light 2.4L top matching and sub-top matching models, also equipped with front and rear radar parking system. Unified and with a back blind area.

English name of each model of jeep

A: Jeep Freeman Renegade Jeep Guide Compass Jeep Freelance Patriot Jeep Free Light Cherokee Jeep Wrangler Wrangler Jeep Grand Cherokee Grand Cherokee

Freedom Man, Freedom Light Who lives long

A: Freeman, Liberty Light are Jeep brand SUV models, but the model level is different, in terms of the length of life personally think it should not be very different, the length of the car life is mainly depends on the use and maintenance of the situation decision

The difference between Free Light and Freedom Man, Free Light Lowest Quote

A: The difference between FreeLight and Liberty is that FreeLight belongs to a medium-sized SUV, And The Free Man is a small SUV, and the two cars are two levels apart