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Jie Pusen natural rubber yoga mat non-slip female male beginner thickening widening professional fitness local health yoga mat

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Product specifics
Brand Gepson
Material PU Rubber
Size 183cmX68cm
Thickness 5mm Senior Type 6mm Beginner
Color Classification /Blue Black [canvas Bag Set] Position / Deep Purple [canvas Bag Set] Position / Rose Red [canvas Bag Set] Position / Dark Green [canvas Bag Set]...
Time To Market Summer 2016

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Product Q & A

How about Jie Pusen yoga mat?

A: The sisters around have always chosen this! Slip and durable!

Jie Pusen yoga mat does not leave

A: Jie Pusen and Do not give up are two different yoga mat brands. If you are not willing to give up the yoga mat, then it must be Atmananda gentleman's mat.

I want to know the three brands of TPE yoga mats from Yuanyang, Jie Pusen and Sai Sibo...

From the use of performance, or from the touch, or workmanship and details, is definitely the top yoga supplies! My friend used the TPE mat of the game, once went to the field to travel back, put Yu...

Jie Pusen and IKU Yoga Mat, how to choose?

A: I use Jie Pusen's, it's not bad, the price is not expensive.

What brand of yoga mat is better than durable

Not recommended. The advantage is that the price is cheap, tens of dollars. TPE's cost performance is relatively high, the price can be bought around 100 dollars. The material is more environmentally friendly,...

Which material is the yoga mat?

Good toughness and strong tension. But its material price is high, mainly used in European and American markets or China...

What brand of yoga mat to buy?

A: The yoga mat brand recommends you a few, liforme, lululemon, maduka, atmananda, these can be, personally like atmananda more.

Jie Pusen, DMASUN/Dimason, Hatha's three brands of yoga mats...

A: Very good