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LCD intelligent temperature controller automatic switch socket adjustable temperature control instrument digital display temperature controller thermostat

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Product specifics
Model LCD Intelligent Temperature Controller
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Jiangsu Province
City Wuxi City
Color Classification High Semen 1500W+3m Rubber Head,High Semen 1500W+2m Magnetic Head,High Semen 2200W+3m Rubber Head,High Semen 2200W+2m Magnetic Head,High-precision Three Display 2200W + 3 M Rubber Head,High-precision Three Display 2200W + 2 Meters Magnetic Head,Wiring Air Head 3 M 5KW,Wiring Type Waterproof Head 3 Meters 5KW,Wiring Type Magnetic Head 2 Meters 5KW,Inline Air Head 3 Meters 1.5KW,Straight Plug Waterproof Head 3 Meters 1.5KW,In-line Magnetic Head 2 Meters 1.5KW,Straight Insert Rubber Head 3 Meters 1.5KW,High Semen 1500W+3m Air Head,High Semen 1500W+3m Waterproof Head,High Semen 2200W+3m Air Head,High Semen 2200W+3m Waterproof Head,High-precision Three Display 2200W + 3 Meters Air Head,High-precision Three Display 2200W+3 Meters Waterproof Head,Wiring Type Rubber Head 3 M 5KW,High-precision Three Display 1500W + 3 Meters Air Head,High-precision Three-display 1500W+3m Waterproof Head,High-precision Three-display 1500W+3m Rubber Head,High-precision Three-display 1500W+2m Magnetic Head
Working Principle Electronic Thermostat
Power 1500W/2200W
Thermostat Temperature Range -9°C~99°C/-40°C~120°C
Item Number YD8-LCD

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