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Electric vehicle charging protector lithium lead-acid intelligent full auto power off timer switch socket anti-overcharge

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Product Q & A

How does lithium battery charging prevent overcharging?

It can monitor battery temperature, voltage and other parameters in real time.It will not overheat or overshoot, and the charging current is different at different voltages.After being fully charged ...

Which end should I plug in when charging an electric vehicle?

Inrush current! Excessive inrush current will easily damage the charger, and will have an impact on battery life. [Electric vehicle battery maintenance ...

What does the battery car battery 72v refer to

, The faster and farther you run. The power supply voltage is high, on the one hand, the circuit current can be smaller, on the other hand, you can do a lot of power. High-speed car power ...

Are there any overcharge protection plates for Xidesheng's general lithium battery?

Balanced protection board, even the lithium battery pack of the wall board dares not to carelessly install the protection board, the protection board is a circuit board, fixed on the battery side ...