M3 monkey monster electric car pedal stepped M5 M6 electric motorcycle conversion aluminum pedals around Mount Accessories

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Color Classification After Kicking Small Golden One Pair Of Blue Pedal A Pair Of Rear Pedal Small Green One Pair
Brand Wan Sloan
Article Number M3 Modified Pedal

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Product Q & A

What is the price of m3 electric car little monkey?

Answer: Around 5000

How much is the price of the small monkey m3 electric car physical store?

Answer: Standard 5000

The new 72V20A M3S monkey electric car can only run more than 20 kilometers...

While in the replacement period, quickly replace the battery.

Little monster electric car electric motorcycle M3 small monkey 72V battery car adult double electric...

Answer: Anything that you don’t give back is ignorant! You can apply for a refund, the seller does not agree to directly report or report to the customer service! The process should still be gone, and you can ask me if you don’t know anything

Can m3 little monkey motorcycle be listed?

Answer: As long as the invoices, qualification certificates and other procedures are complete, and there is no local ban on motorcycles, you can license.

Can the monkey m3 electric motorcycle be converted into a motorcycle? That is, take off the battery...

You can buy a car with the money you spend.

m3 What is the size of the nut that fixes the motor of the rear frame of the small monkey electric car /m

Answer: Bh.

Land Rover scooter and little monkey m3 which is better

The car is incomparable, this one is for sure. As far as performance is concerned, the Land Rover scooter you mentioned can only be said that he is in a cottage...

How much is the m3 little monkey electric car controller

It depends on a few W and a few V, such as the most conventional 48V500W, the ex-factory price is 75 yuan. The larger the wattage and voltage, the higher the price. If you need it, you can...

The little monkey M3 electric car was washed with water in the morning, now turn on the switch...

Answer: The switch or the controller is filled with water, don't turn it on, send it to the repair department and ask the master to help you see, don't burn the motor.