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Maifanshi wok nonstick wok multi-function cooking pot induction cooker pan household gas stove applicable pot

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Product specifics
Brand McCas
Model CC-01
Material Fine Iron
Style Chinese
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Popular Elements Solid Color
Color Classification 30CM Black Without Cover 32CM Black Without Cover 32cm Black Glass Can Stand 32CM Red Without Cover 32CM Red Glass Can Stand
Net Weight 1.5kg
Gross Weight 1.5kg
Diameter 32cm
Type Of Lid Glass Cover
Depth 9cm
Characteristics Less Oily Smoke, Not Easy To Stick To The Pan, No Fumes, No Sticking, No Rust
Applicable Scene Daily Gift
Suitable Gas Cooker Universal
Package Volume 32*32*11
For People Public
Design Life 3 Years
Coating Spraying Process Ordinary High Temperature Thermal Spraying

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Product Q & A

Korean rice stone non-stick pan is iron pan or aluminum pan

The version needs to add electromagnetic induction stainless iron back film at the bottom. 1. Maifan stone pot preservation: After cooking, the dish can keep the color fresh. 2. Maifan stone pot flavor is: due to wheat rice...

What should I do if there is no oil smoke in the rice cooker?

Occur, using a non-stick gas stove with a coating must not open a fire.

What is the principle of non-stick pan? Is the coating good or uncoated?

Therefore, the coating used to make the pot is very ideal, but there is a disadvantage in the coating of the five elements, that is, the non-stick effect is not particularly ideal...

Can you use the Omega maifan stone non-stick pan on the induction cooker?

Question three friendships are you and me, electromagnetic change thousands of homes!

South Korea's genuine imported kitchen-art non-stick pot rice stone pot wok Minghuo...

A: The home has a brand new one; /gt,78, brand new .99 not equal.88.89. View original post/gt, package, unopened

South Korea "Shang Shi Chuan" Maifanshi wok is not good?

Stone electromagnetic health pot, can be directly used on open fire, fast heat conduction. Induction cooker version needs to increase the role of electromagnetic induction film at the bottom 1. Maifan stone pot preservation:...

What are the disadvantages of Maifan stone non-stick pan?

The service life guarantees the health and safety of the use. The rice stone pot has a good preservation function, and the dish can be kept fresh after being cooked. Because of the...

Is the Korean rice stone non-stick pan harmful?

It has a strong adsorption effect on bacteria, so it can be used for water purification, sewage treatment. Drinking Maifan stone water can adjust the body's new...

Non-stick pan, is there a difference with stone wok? Stone wok seems to be rice...

Not recommended to buy.

Blue flag Maifan stone non-stick pan series pots, wok, frying pan, soup pot which...

A: The function of each pot is different. See how much food you cook every day, but I still think that the wok is the most practical. I want to cook every day. If you use soup, I also use the wok.