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Maverick electric N1 N1S M1 U1 original authentic electric door lock cushion lock lamp hole cover original accessories

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Product specifics
Brand Calf Electricity
Color Classification N1电门锁,N1S电门锁,M1电门锁,U1车体锁,N1N1S电池锁,N1S锁孔盖无灯孔,N1S锁孔盖有灯孔,N1S锁孔灯,N1SUSB充电口,座桶拉线

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Product Q & A

Who can tell me what this button is on the Maverick's N1s battery

Answer: this is a plug to charge the battery pack. Press the button, the following charging light will show a few bars of power, and the same as the mobile phone charger.

How to evaluate the new Maverick N1S electric car

A: Overall, Maverick N1s passed the EU vehicle certification regulations, in appearance and N1 is not very different, but in some details, according to the official description, Maverick N1s from the range, control, design, driving, intelligence and other 5 aspects of more than 10 upgrades, But the main changes in the summary are such: 1, N1s key layout into

Can the Mavericks n1s accessories be installed on an ordinary electric car?

A: Maverick electric car accessories are dedicated to special cars, and other ordinary electric vehicles are not matched, if you feel pity you can participate in trade-in activities yo