After calf electric UQim back electric car battery electric bicycle accessories genuine

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Brands Mavericks Electric
Color Classification Yellow Black White Blue Orange
Article Number UM Backrest

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Product Q & A

Want to buy a durable electric car, how about Maverick UM?

body weight, body weight of the steel material good description, look motor car with a manual power inside the larger Specifications power power ...

Who is better with the headlights of Mavericks electric UM and Succo electric CU?

Answer: The calf um positioning is lightweight, the headlights are not brightness, and the irradiation distance is relatively weak.

Which personally bought Maverick UM electric car, is this riding comfortable?

Answer: The Maverick UM electric car is very comfortable to ride.It is recommended to buy it, which is quite good.

Who is better for the seat cushion workmanship of the Suco CU and the Maverick electric UM?

A: Each has its own good, but personally think that Mavericks are mainly light, but if they are comfortable to sit, it is still better to Su Ke.

I want to ask everyone, what do you think of the Maverick UM electric car?

I have bought more people in the past two years because of its low-key appearance and much better quality than similar products. Now the shape of the market is a lot of it. By the way, its ...