Mavericks electric N1 / N1S / M1 / ​​U1 original authentic Mavericks N1S instrument LCD display original authentic

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Brand Maverick Electric
Color Classification N1 Meter,U1 Youth Edition Meter,U1 Urban Power Meter,N1S Meter,M1 Urban Edition Meter,M1 Top Version Version Of The Meter,M1 Youth Edition Meter
Article Number N1

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Product Q & A

Which electric car Mavericks N1S is better than Succo CU

Due to the limitations of laws and regulations, there are currently three models of CU1, CU2 and CU3S. Among them, the largest battery capacity is CU2, which is a 32 amp capacity. And CU1 and 2 are ...

How to adjust the Mavericks n1s time to 24 hours

Answer: Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou Enlai time

Is Mavericks electric N1S battery life really far?

Answer: For me, the Mavericks electric N1S is indeed an electric two-wheeled vehicle with a long battery life.Because I commute to and from work for about ten kilometers, I usually need to charge it for a few days.

How many horses can be driven by the Maverick electric car urban version and power version

Maximum speed: below 20km / h including voltage: 60V cruising range: 65km and above Applicable people: Adult Mavericks electric car power version: production ...

What is the difference between Mavericks n1s Standard Edition and Security Edition

Answer: One is the standard configuration car, and the other is the standard configuration car plus an insurance! For this difference, the best answer I see is also drunk.

How to install Mavericks n1s led backrest

Do it. If you screw the screws, you will be in trouble. If you do n’t have the original one, you need to ask the store.

How much is the price and shape of the Mavericks electric car?

Of course, no matter whether it is N1 or N1s, in short, this electric car is fortunate to fall into the hands of Sina Technology Editor. I know nothing about cars ...

How to evaluate the new Mavericks N1S electric car

More than 10 items have been upgraded in 5 aspects such as design, driving, and intelligence, but the main changes are summarized as follows: 1.The key layout of N1s ...

Maverick electric U1 looks so small, can it carry people?

Answer: The load-bearing is still very strong. I have no problem with riding a body of 200 pounds. I can still ride normally. The official load-bearing data is 160KG.

How to connect 2 batteries at the same time with Mavericks electric car N1s?

It will appear that the battery with more remaining power charges the battery with less power, and this charging current is very large and is not a constant current, more than three volts ...