Dallas Mavericks key chain key ring pendant n1s u1 key pendant

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Brands Other / Other
Color Classification N1s Gray,N1s White,N1s Black,N1s Red,U1 Green,U1 Blue,U1 White
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Product Q & A

Is the key switch light of the Mavericks n1s always on?

A: Yes.

Can Mavericks N1S be changed to start with one click

design, drive, intelligence and other aspects of the five upgrade more than 10, but conclude there are major changes in these points: 1.N1s button layout into ...

Mavericks u1 n1s which is comfortable to ride

Small, narrow body, even if you take an adult, women and old people are about to drive. 2 The speed is slow, the high is about 32. 3 The battery life is short, consulted, it is estimated that ...

What is the maximum speed of the Mavericks n1s power version after cracking

A: 3-speed full electric 48km

How much money and shape of the Mavericks electric car

Of course, regardless of N1 or N1s, in short, this electric car was fortunately in the hands of Sina Technology. I do n’t know anything about cars ...

The Mavericks N1S runs for about 10 kilometers without full 40% of electricity, is it ...

Answer: When the remaining power is less than half, support the rear wheel, turn the shaft to the end, the motor speed is the fastest, measure the voltage of each battery, and the voltage is particularly low.

Will the calf n1s be damaged after 3 charges?

No problem yet.

After the pre-sale orders calf N1S want to change the color, but can not change contact customer service, ...

A: back, make another

Mavericks n1s double flashing lights automatically

Answer: The double flash switch is broken, or there is a problem with the line.

Mavericks n1s which is the most expensive

A: The Mavericks n1s top version has a price of about 15,000. The most expensive Mavericks should be the NGT domestic price of about 20,000.