Minchao combination switch P file waterproof cover dustproof and waterproof cover suitable for Mavericks N1S electric car modification accessories

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Product specifics
Color Classification Waterproof Case-Black N1S Handlebar P Gear Case-Left And Right Black
Brands Min Super Motorcycle
Article Number MC450

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Product Q & A

Mavericks n1s ordinary electric car accessories can be installed right

A: The calf electric car accessories are car-specific, like other ordinary electric vehicles do not match, but if you feel you can participate in trade activities yo

Is the calf n1s battery waterproof?

A: The calf N1s battery itself has a waterproof function while the diversion tank to filter the water, battery box also features a four-point guide hole is optimized for battery waterproof...

Calf n1s63 fault code has been flashing light p

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