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Mobile phone chicken artifact to stimulate the battlefield game controller mobile game assistant to walk Apple Android special button perspective physical eating machine Jedi survival plate six finger chicken app set peripheral hanging

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Product specifics
Model Eat Chicken Artifact
Color Classification Artifact [teammate Package 2 Pieces] Bluetooth Version Eat Chicken Artifact [Apple Dedicated Bluetooth Connection Is Not Delayed]
Manufacturer Shenzhen Xiaogu Technology Co., Ltd.
Handle Characteristics No Vibration

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Product Q & A

Tencent's genuine chicken hand swims for survival: stimulate the battlefield with a handle...

A: I like Feizhi's new wee somatosensory version of the handle. I used the wee before the chicken hand tour.

What kind of handle handle can the Apple mobile phone use to play the new chicken hand to survive?:...

A: I just use the flying smart handle to play, I feel very convenient to operate, and the feel is also OK.

Use the latest game to eat the chicken hand to travel to the ground: to stimulate the battlefield easy to use?...

A: I feel that the flying smart handle can be used. It is very convenient to move. It is easier to handle than other handles.

Jedi survival stimulates the battlefield hand-held handle key map, explain how to play

Search and download the Jedi Survival Battlefield Mobile Game 3 in the hall, download and install it, open the Bluetooth connection handle of the mobile phone Bluetooth Android users need to follow the system...

Inside the chicken hand tour, Tencent's Jedi survival: stimulating the battlefield, so hot...

The result of a certain attack is deleted. The main attack is still a little discomfort. There is still a little bit of simplicity. Maybe the building is a little inflated.

What handle to play Tencent's latest latest chicken eating tour to survive: ...

A: This type of flying smart handle can be used, it is easier than other handles.

Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield stretching handles how to set the key?

The essence of the game, so once launched, it has become an explosion of mobile games, currently is also the most popular application market download list...

Tencent blows the genuine eat chicken hand to travel to the ground to survive: Stimulate the battlefield Apple mobile phone...

A: Now I am playing with the flying smart handle, it feels good, and the operation is also simple.

Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield hand-assisted assistance

The basic skills of perspective and self-imaging are not mastered. I am afraid I am embarrassed to call myself a god. In the video below, the plug-in can not only accurately...

Tencent's latest chicken hand-to-hand tour for survival: Stimulate the battlefield with hands...

A: Now I am playing with the flying smart handle, it feels good, and the operation is also simple.