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Mobile phone chicken artifact to stimulate the battlefield game controller mobile game assistant to walk Apple special Android mechanical button automatic pressure grab heat six finger king glory suit integrated

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Product specifics
Model Eat Chicken Artifact
Have Wireless Wireless
Color Classification Delay]
Manufacturer Shenzhen Xiaogu Technology Co., Ltd.
Handle Characteristics No Vibration

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Product Q & A

What is the chicken artifact that stimulates the battlefield?

A: It is two buttons. You can find it on Taobao. You can connect it outside the mobile phone screen to facilitate shooting and aiming.

Is it good to stimulate the battlefield to eat chicken artifacts?

It was made by the water army speculation, the game is really rubbish, the picture quality card, the sound effect is poor, can't play anymore.

What is the chicken artifact?

A: In fact, it is similar to the handle. There are also buttons that are installed separately on the top of the screen. You can touch an area for easy to play chicken games. This kind of auxiliary tool is called eating chicken artifact.

What to do if the chicken aids that stimulate the battlefield are not sensitive

Weeding invincible locks, weeding perspective box to self-seeking, eating chicken without pressure is very simple to stimulate the battlefield, weeding characters perspective, showing each other, ...

Stimulate the battlefield, eat chicken artifacts, left and right buttons, do you want it?

A: No, I bought the HKII transparent chicken artifact better than yours, haha.

Have you used to stimulate the battlefield to eat chicken artifacts? How?

The shortcomings, open card, poor quality, can not eat chicken, abandoned the pit early.

Eat chicken to stimulate the battlefield What is the reason for this compatible device?

A: The program may not be compatible. You can try to change the version. It is also recommended to refer to the configuration requirements of the program. Or right-click the program you want to run. Select Compatibility Run in compatibility mode.

As shown in the picture, how do you add a QQ game to the battlefield in the game?

You can add friends with it.

Does the chicken hand game stimulate the battlefield with any peripherals?

A: There are quite a few, you can search for it. Stimulate the battlefield to play in general, there is no meaning, can not play out the characteristics of eating chicken games.

Eat chicken game to stimulate the battlefield, how long can a child play for a long time?

Anti-indulgence activities. Adults limit the game time to 5 hours each time, then force the line to go offline for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes...