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Mobile phone chicken artifact to stimulate the battlefield mobile game to eat chicken suit Apple dedicated Android six-finger artifact four fingers automatic pressure grab tomorrow after the auxiliary device perspective game handle shooting button

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Product specifics
Brand WeCooL Is Cool
Model CJ007
Have Wireless Wireless
Color Classification Set Transparent Left And Right Button + Camouflage Grip Gray Transparent Left And Right Button + Camouflage Grip Blue Transparent Left And Right Button + Camouflage Grip Green Black Left And Right Button + Grip
Manufacturer Shenzhen Ma Tianni Electronics Co., Ltd.
Handle Characteristics No Vibration

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Product Q & A

What kind of handle handle can the Apple mobile phone use to play the new chicken hand to survive?:...

A: I just use the flying smart handle to play, I feel very convenient to operate, and the feel is also OK.

Tencent blows the genuine eat chicken hand to travel to the ground to survive: Stimulate the battlefield Apple mobile phone...

A: Now I am playing with the flying smart handle, it feels good, and the operation is also simple.

Now what handle can play the latest chicken hand to travel to survive: stimulate...

A: Good handle, flying wisdom, high value, feel good.

What mobile phone to play Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield to eat chicken best

It also has its own game engine optimization, plus the processor and the smart engine to optimize what, the speed will be faster.

Eat Chicken Game Jedi Survival Stimulate Battlefield

A: This blood splatter can't be seen, but there are gunshots displayed on the map in the upper right corner to judge where it is. I suggest that you can hold down the small eyes on the right side while viewing the running.

I heard that Tencent’s genuine chicken-handed tour has survived: to stimulate the battlefield to come out...

Shoot, aim to kill the chicken every night, handle the 6-axis spiral accelerometer chip, provide FPS mobile game

Traveling to the Jedi to survive: to stimulate the battlefield, see online that the handle can use the body...

Give you a comfortable grip experience, and the handle is unique to the body, equipped with a 6-axis spiral accelerometer chip, for the FPS mobile game...

Play chicken game, Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield how to modify the phone model?

A: Only download a software that can help users to achieve more software or to change the phone model to achieve the purpose of adaptation.

Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield with the hand-held handle to play how to set the key position?

There will be a tutorial when you buy, but the cost is slightly higher, close to 200. Afterwards, the official support does not support the handle, because the handle is...

How can I survive in the Jedi: stimulate the battlefield, use Beitong hand traveler...

The location, then press Save to directly implement the game.