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Mobile phone chicken artifact to stimulate the battlefield mobile game to eat chicken suit Apple dedicated Android six-finger artifact four fingers Jedi to survive tomorrow after the game handle grip grip shooting button

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Product specifics
Brand WeCooL Is Cool
Model CJ007
Color Classification Set Transparent Left And Right Button + Camouflage Grip Gray Transparent Left And Right Button + Camouflage Grip Blue Transparent Left And Right Button + Camouflage Grip Green Black Left And Right Button + Grip
Manufacturer Shenzhen Ma Tianni Electronics Co., Ltd.
Handle Characteristics No Vibration

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Product Q & A

What kind of handle handle can the Apple mobile phone use to play the new chicken hand to survive?:...

A: I just use the flying smart handle to play, I feel very convenient to operate, and the feel is also OK.

I am Apple 4 configured iOS9, I want to play chicken to stimulate the battlefield, how to play

The war withdrawal is a genuine Jedi survival IP mobile game jointly launched by Tencent's photonic studio group and South Korea's Blue Hole.

What mobile phone to play Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield to eat chicken best

A: Personally think that one plus 5 mobile phone experience is very good, HD does not card, as long as it is 835 mobile phone, can be perfectly supported

Use the latest game to eat the chicken hand to travel to the ground: to stimulate the battlefield easy to use?...

A: I feel that the flying smart handle can be used. It is very convenient to move. It is easier to handle than other handles.

What handles fit the latest mobile game to eat chicken and survive: to stimulate the battlefield?...

A: Personally think that the words in the domestic, or the best wisdom handle. Carry light, color and look good

Tencent's latest chicken hand-to-hand tour for survival: Stimulate the battlefield with hands...

A: Now I am playing with the flying smart handle, it feels good, and the operation is also simple.

Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield with the hand-held handle to play how to set the key position?

There will be a tutorial when you buy, but the cost is slightly higher, close to 200. Afterwards, the official support does not support the handle, because the handle is...

What handle to play Tencent's latest latest chicken eating tour to survive: ...

A: This type of flying smart handle can be used, it is easier than other handles.

Tencent's genuine chicken hand swims for survival: stimulate the battlefield with a handle...

A: I like Feizhi's new wee somatosensory version of the handle. I used the wee before the chicken hand tour.

Tencent has two chickens, and the Jedi survives to stimulate the battlefield and the Jedi...

A: Jedi survival to stimulate the battlefield