Mosquito fluid heater plug household water refill pouch mosquito mosquito pregnant women and the mosquito

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Brand Other / Other
Origin China Mainland
Application Of Space Bedroom
Packing Packed
Color Classification Dark Green,Fluorescent Green,Emerald,Blue,ArmyGreen,Light Green,Transparent,Green
Whether It Is Rechargeable Chargeable
Appearance Conventional

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Product Q & A

One-electric mosquito liquid-liquid +1 is okay for pregnant women suit baby mosquito repellent liquid quality

A: Whether or electric mat electric mosquito liquid, contain organic compounds harmful to use as the human body in a closed room, and therefore may produce adverse reactions, mosquito coils should be used to maintain air circulation.

Homemade mosquito liquid electric mosquito liquid can tell who made it?

on the line. cost less than 10 cents, afraid many people know, electric mosquito manufacturers will destroy me.

Liquid mosquito coils works

efficiency can be maintained for 68 hours. the disadvantage is that when you have just used good efficacy, there may be "excessive" in danger, but after 45 hours, exhausted volatile pesticides, ...

Effective insect repellent methods are there?

aligning parts of arms, legs, and other body spray it can be. If you go to the field, can be 3-4 days in advance direct consumption of vitamin B1, can also be effective anti-mosquito. In this ...

The main components of the electric mosquito liquid What?

esters, pyrethrins can be nerve paralysis mosquitoes, so that mosquitoes can not move, except to achieve the purpose of mosquito. pyrethrins enter the body ...

Household mosquito repellent liquid over it? Plug the kind of power, what his principle yes, right ...

Some chloroform, benzene, diethyl ether or the like as a solvent. mosquito liquid, without any harm to the human body. the main ingredient is pyrethrum mosquito modern ...

Plug-in insect repellent mosquito liquid is odorless, but it's the principle of mosquito ...

Some chloroform was added, benzene, ether as a solvent. 2 mosquito liquid, without any harm to the human body. the main component of modern mosquito ...

Those plug-in insect repellent useful? Or mosquito easy to use?

the human body has hazards and hazardous size is how much smoke inhalation into the human body. electric mosquito killer mosquito is a paper sheet, the above insect repellent containing liquid ...

Why electric mosquito repellent film can be harmful to human beings do?

good use effect. mosquito coils and liquid-daily switching power supply, without having to add or replace, easy to use. If ...

Electric mosquito liquid is harmful to the body?

mosquito coils mosquito coils inclined than harm argument is unscientific. references burning mosquito coils containing ultrafine particles in smoke, ...