Motorola walkie-talkie mini-power outdoor intercom handset civilian hand sets 1-50 km Hotels device

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Product specifics
Brands Motorola / Motorola
Walkie-talkie Category Hand Table
Use Nature Civilian Walkie-talkie
Frequency Range 400-520
The Number Of 1
Maximum Distance Calls 3km Containing Free -5km
Power 5W
Dimensions 110*50*30
Time To Market Summer 2018
Weight 200
Type Of Battery Lithium Battery
Battery Life 2 Days
Whether Waterproof Yes
With Or Without Display No
Place Of Origin China
Price Tag 168
Way Of Carrying Handheld
Price Range 100-200 Yuan

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Product Q & A

Hand-held walkie-talkie maximum power will be much

A: The hand sets the maximum power, usually around 5W, brand-name computers vacuity power, try to buy genuine licensed.