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New Creative Metal Air Vent Car Mobile Phone Navigation Bracket Car Gravity Bracket Car Phone Support

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Product specifics
Model 1
Installation Gravity Support,Snap Type
Color Classification Elegant Black,Premium Gold,Temperament Is Silver
Applicable Parts Vent

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Product Q & A

Isn't the car vent bracket good

A: We're holding talks this afternoon, i don't know what I'm thinking

Car mobile phone support car with air conditioning outlet which kind of good use

A: At present, the type of air outlet is still quite a lot, and more and more mobile phone support is also concentrated in the use of the air outlet position, the air outlet clip-out type, the air outlet four-grab type, the air outlet hook type, the clip-on and hook-type relative four-grab is stable much, but the installation is relatively troublesome not much trouble, so, in general, "Personal

Car outlet mobile phone stand recommended

A: This has a lot of categories, but now it's smaller and doesn't take up the place is the kind of ball-absorbing style, X treasure has a lot

Car phone stand good air outlet or suction cup good

A: the suction cup is good, put where you can, flexibility is good, and long life, I bought is the suction cup-style car phone support, with FM function, suction cup is very fast, put the phone very assured, fm function is very good, mobile phone push to the sound quality of the car audio is very good, Tmall bought, the price is much cheaper than the entity, good quality, Mainly the seller service attitude is very warm heart, recommended to

What brand's good brand is in the car air vent car support? There is not strong

A: the most common on the market have buckle-type, suction cup-type, installed in the air outlet, glass, all kinds, look at their own models to buy, a treasure above a lot, search 'good convenient car' shop has to sell all kinds of mobile phone stand, can be referenced

The air outlet car mobile phone support is broken, fell into the air outlet, how to do

Hello, you can directly remove the blades from the inside to take out the debris " Generally this situation is the air outlet car mobile phone stand poor quality caused by the very helpless thing, my use of the Ofre factory's Beni bracket is more than a year, or so strong, so good to use

Does the air outlet car mobile phone support cone-shaped back clip work well

A: Cone-shaped back clips? It doesn't seem very common, you can try the air vent clip and the suction cup holder class that doesn't block the line of sight

Car phone holder, can you install it in the air outlet?

: Remove the air outlet, and then remove the bracket. Introduction of the bracket: A: Closer to the driver, it is super convenient when answering China, and the navigation is close to the front: the most...

Has anyone bought a car vertical air vent mobile phone stand

A: There are usually many types of brackets, you can go to the essence of Shenzhen to see

Install mobile phone bracket in the air outlet is not necessary to turn off an air conditioner

A: it's best to turn it off, because the air outlet temperature changes a lot, no matter it's cold or hot.