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Plug-in disposable fruit sign toothpick creative cute fork KTV cocktail sign snack bamboo string flower sign

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Product specifics
Brand Yuncheng / Yc
Material Food Grade Plastic
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Color Classification Silver,White,Milky,Creamy-white,White,Blue,Light Yellow,Navy Blue,Gray,Powder,Dark Gray,Brown,Dark Brown,Champagne,Light Purple,Dark Purple,Pale Pinkish Gray,Light Grey,Gray,Green,Violet,Black,Watermelon Red,Ginger Yellow,Dark Green,Fuchsia,Blue,Color,Maroon,Camel,Light Blue,Fluorescent Yellow,Pink,Chocolate Color,Orange,Dark Khaki,ArmyGreen,Rose Red,Yellow,Peacock Blue,Emerald,Red,Navy,Red Wine,Gold,Brown,Blue,Red,Purple,Bright Yellow,Apricot,Light Brown,Lemon Yellow,Khaki,Sky Blue,Royal Blue,Fluorescent Green,Transparent,Orange,Light Green,Cream Color,Green,Black,Lake Blue,Colored Strawberries 12cm100,Mixed Color Pearl 12cm100,Big Football Sign 12cm100,Mixed Wood Fruit 12cm100,Log Pineapple 12cm100,Log Pear 12cm100,Green Clover 12cm100,Mixed Fruit Lanterns 100,Colorful Fruit Sign 12cm100,Mixed Purple Pineapple 12cm100,Red Head Black Flat Beads 12cm100,Peacock Sign 10cm25,Red Scissors With Beads,Color Chicken Tail Toothpick 6.5cm,Flower Bone 9cm100,Red Double Beads 9cm100,Yellow Double Beads 9cm100,Red Double Beads 15cm100,Yellow Double Beads 15cm100,Red Love 15cm100,Red Double Beads 18cm100,Yellow Double Beads 18cm100,Colored Plum 18cm100,Color Love 18cm100
Item Number Fruit Sign
Source Of The Image Self-real Shot

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