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Postage supplement

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Product Q & A

Shipping freight link up What does it mean?

A: There is a link for customers to take Taobao shopping platform set of postage is not enough that you need to take this link by which the amount of the payment is an online shopping .... way up the postage.

Taobao shopping how make up the postage?

Group was founded in May 2003. May 10, 2003, the establishment of Taobao, Alibaba Group founder of the investment.

Free premium What does it mean difference

fill his five yuan postage! then you take five! make up 5 yuan to him on the line!

Free Links What does it mean

A: Because you want to purchase goods postage setting is not enough, additional virtual goods designed to take a pay postage general in the introduction of goods you want to buy this supplement will provide postage auctions address link, the link called Free.

Taobao sellers claim another shot postage, postage is another shot What does it mean?

Buyers report. second, if postage is Bupai difference, should be reasonable. third, the general now Taobao sellers that beat Free, usually ...

Hello, I would like to ask you about what SF Express Mail Sent box that has ...

mainland send each other: 1-2 days, in some remote areas plus 0.5-1 days; 2, Chinese mainland to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions: 1.5-2.5 days, some partial ...

The cost of additional information in accordance with the classification by nature

Make a special tax. you solve this trouble.

In remote areas are not free shipping, the buyer orders how to let buyers postage

to get customer contact as soon as possible, if the other party does not want to freight, either refunded or shipped, I met ...

Taobao postage issues, said he was inexplicable. Please look after issues added to help ...

background can change overnight, not Taobao freight policy should be set up shops where the problem lies! the first weight and added weight she should be set to the same as the ...

International postage, Japan sent to China

Answer: http: // lang_cn This is the official website of Japan Post, the Chinese version of weight, price, number of days to check very convenient ~ ~ ~ hope you can help?