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Qin post card salted duck egg high post special product single vacuum packaging pickled cooked duck egg 55g*20 pieces

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  • $7.82

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Product specifics
Packing Bulk
Brand Qin Post
Way Of Sale Combination
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Jiangsu Province
City Yangzhou
Package Size 5 Servings
Package Cycle 1 Week
Frequency Of Delivery 2 Times A Week
Number Of Pieces 20 Pieces
Net Weight 1100g
Production License Number SC11932108400062
Factory Name Gaoyou Qinmail Egg Products Co., Ltd.
Factory Address Xingqu Road, Chengnan Economic New District, Gaoyou City, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Manufacturer Contact 18083770988
Ingredients Fresh Duck Egg, Edible Salt, Water
Storage Method Cool, Ventilated And Dry Place
Shelf Life 180
Food Additive No
Production Date February 01, 2018 To February 01, 2018

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Product Q & A

What are the good brands of Gaoyou salted duck eggs? What are the companies in each...

The degree of damage in the process, the price is different, but the taste is still the same. The shell is very broken, as long as 5 cents now seems to increase the price, if broken a little...

What brand of Gaoyou salt duck egg is delicious

Gaoyou double yellow egg double yellow, oil, eat better when eating porridge, buy double yellow eggs only red sun store is true, there are not many high postal...

How can double yellow duck eggs be produced in batches?

There are manufacturers specializing in the sale of double yellow eggs. However, some people think that double yellow eggs are hens because of endocrine disorders and other physiological reasons, it is best...

Why Qin card salted duck eggs have the smell of disinfectant

A: There will be no disinfectant smell when it is smeared a little.

Why is Gaoyou Duck Egg famous?

Wang Zengqi once wrote the description of the god of painting and painting: "It used to be difficult for the sea, and the salted duck eggs in other countries, I really can’t keep it." "The characteristics of Gaoyou salted eggs are fine and oily. Protein...

Everyone talks about why Gaoyou salted duck eggs are so famous?

A: The sun and the moon in the sky, Gaoyou duck egg double yellow! Do not know Gaoyou people, the prophet Qin mail eggs! Just at the Dragon Boat Festival, the magical Gaoyou Lake salted duck eggs, double yellow duck eggs can be used as gifts for friends and relatives.

Salted duck eggs [Red Sun, Qin Zip, Sanhu] Which is better?

A: The red sun is more famous, but there are more fakes.