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Brands Other
Model 30-6045-6050-7060-80
Color Classification 30 * 60CM Red Flat Bottom,30 * 60CM Gray Flat Bottom,30 * 60CM Black Flat Bottom,30 * 60CM Green Flat Bottom,30 * 60CM Blue Flat Bottom,45 * 60CM Red Flat Bottom,45 * 60CM Gray Flat Bottom,45 * 60CM Black Flat Bottom,45 * 60CM Green Flat Bottom,45 * 60CM Blue Flat Bottom,45 * 60CM Black And Red Anti-slip Nails,45 * 60CM Black Non-slip Nails,45 * 60CM Rice Dumpling Anti-slip Nails,45 * 60CM Purple Black Non-slip Nails,45 * 60CM Black Gray Anti-skid Nails,30 * 60CM Black And Red Anti-slip Nails,30 * 60CM Black Non-slip Nails,30 * 60CM Rice Dumpling Anti-slip Nails,30 * 60CM Purple Black Anti-slip Nails,30 * 60CM Black And Gray Non-slip Nails,50 * 70 Color Notes Anti-slip Nails,60 * 80 Color Note Anti-slip Nails

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Product Q & A

Car all-inclusive foot pads


How to solve the car stepping on the clutch foot

Answer: It is recommended to use special foot pads for special cars, or to find the store where the foot pads are made to modify the position of the foot clips. The foot pads have hidden safety risks and need to be taken seriously.

What to do if there is a hole in the car mat when the foot pedal is removed

What's wrong, if the leaked air-conditioning water is that the air-conditioning drainage eyes are blocked and need to be cleaned up! I hope my answer can help your car have a problem ...

What to do with old foot shoes

Remove the pedals. 2. Choose softer pads, such as carpets, or those with carpets inside.

Ladies' feet are relatively short, and the accelerator pedal is a bit strenuous. Is there any way ...

Answer: Go and make a floor glue. It will be better to put foot pads on it.

I bought a car mat, do I still need to put a wire ring?

A: You can put a small silk circle cushion; the material of the silk circle is soft and comfortable, which can alleviate driving fatigue, as well as the effect of absorbing and hiding dirt, and it is easy to clean.

How to deal with the water under the foot of the car cab is still this problem, under the foot pad

A: There are two cases. First, when the air conditioner is turned on in the summer, the air conditioning drain is blocked and the drain cannot be discharged to the outside.

The name of the structure of the car foot pad

Answer: I suggest you check it on Taobao [Car has a problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve.]

Must I buy a car mat? Is it possible to buy one separately, my ...

Answer: Teach you a good way to buy the most popular lawn mat now. I think that the mat is better than any mat. It is not easy to wear out. Even if it is worn out, you can change it separately. You can find it on Taobao.

Production process of full surround car feet

It has been recognized by the market and supported by many car owners.It has occupied 70% of the car mat market less than a month after its launch ...