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Shandanghe Gaoyou salted duck egg 20 cooked vacuum salted duck egg egg yolk red heart oily salted egg

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Product specifics
Production License Number SC11932108401225
Factory Name Gaoyou Jinfu Egg Processing Factory
Factory Address No. 108, Qinyou Road, Wenyoutai Village, Economic Development Zone, Gaoyou City
Manufacturer Contact 0514-84628108
Ingredients Fresh Duck Eggs, Edible Salt, Drinking Water
Storage Method Storage At Room Temperature
Shelf Life 180
Food Additive No
Packing Package
Single Weight 55g
Way Of Sale Single Product
Whether It Is Organic Food No
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Jiangsu Province
City Yangzhou
Package Size 5 Servings
Package Cycle 2 Weeks
Frequency Of Delivery 2 Times A Week
Special Product Category Gaoyou Salted Duck Egg
Brand Mountain River
Number Of Pieces 20 Pieces
Net Weight 1100g
Production Date April 14, 2019 To April 15, 2019

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