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[Shanghai Spot] steel, HRB400 rebar

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Product specifics
Brand Rebar
Material HRB400

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Product Q & A

HRB400 steel What does it mean?

the yield strength of the steel. widely applied steel, variety, depending on the cross-sectional shape, the steel is generally divided into sections, the board ...

It is HRB400 rebar 4EJL

Sheng into three rebar prices in the 3880-3990 yuan, four rebar prices in the 4140-4240 yuan. Tonnage price

Three rebar prices much hrb400


HRB400 steel and steel HRB400E, the difference?

As recently as ten days, our country has become so frequent earthquakes, five first earthquake occurred in Yunnan region, personnel, property did not ...

Construction steel rebar of HRB335, HRB400 What does it mean

design issues tensile strength values ​​310n / mm2 HRB335 the design value of tensile strength 360n / mm2 is not a good or bad ...

Rebar are made of what is the difference between them HRB335 and HRB400?

belonging to the ordinary low-alloy hot-rolled steel; belong ribbed steel rebar is usually said that; may be used in reinforced ...

Ask, construction steel rebar HRB400E, HRB400, HRB5 ...

standard values ​​are 235MPa HPB300 round bar 300MPa yield strength of the standard value

HRB400 rebar What does it mean?

the B-class scale, represents the hardness of steel is measured how much HRB, the latter figure is the yield strength of steel .....

Three steel construction steel hrb400 how much money one ton

A: Rebar prices in different regions is not the same, now three rebar price in Beijing is about 3700-3820 yuan, you make a reference to it, Tianxiang to offer, subject to your own local prices.

HRB400E rebar What is the meaning of E

to the mechanical properties of the steel grades have corresponding same. this is HRB400E grades of steel mean level E 1 of steel ...