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Shiny steam hot compress eye mask fever eye protection steam eye patch sleep eye mask female relieve eye fatigue dark circles

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Product specifics
Brand Shining
Model Essential Oil Steam Eye Mask
Popular Elements Solid Color
Color Classification Priority Delivery] [Limited To 1,000 Items While Stocks Last]
Type Goggles Steam Eye Mask

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Product Q & A

Which steam eye mask and eye patch are better to use

Fever tablets. 2, Function: The difference in relief of eye fatigue is not very big. 3. Feeling of use: Eye patch: similar to a mask, most of them will have a mint extract feeling ...

Which eye patch and steam eye mask are better

A: The steam eye mask is mainly a fever film. It uses the heating principle to make a SPA for the eyes. The eye patch is an extract of some traditional Chinese medicine. From the perspective of the effect, the eye patch is still good. I use the eye protection eye patch.

Is there any difference between cherish eye patch and hot pack?

Because it can also beautify skin, calm and soothe, help sleep, and so on.

Which eye patch and steam eye mask are better to use

Answer: The eye patch is more convenient, and the effect is obvious in a short time. The effect of the little demon eye patch is very good, it is recommended to try

What is the difference between a steam eye patch and an eye patch?

Peppermint extract feels cool; steam eye mask: it is very hot, the product will be hot when the heating sheet comes into contact with the air, there will be water vapor on the skin of the heating part when it is applied. Of course ...