Stainless steel lead-acid battery box electric car battery box spare battery box with handle battery box 48V60V72V

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Color Classification 48V12A Length 34 Width 21 Height 12,48V20A Length 34 Width 18.5 Height 19,48V32A Length 34 Width 27 Height 19,60V12A Length 33 Width 26 Height 13,60V20A Length 42 Width 18.5 Height 19,60V32A Length 42 Width 27 Height 19,72V20A Length 39 Width 24 Height 19,72V32A Length 49.5 Width 27 Height 19,60V45A Length 46 Width 36.5 Height 19.5,60V45A Length 63 Width 23.5 Height 20
Article Number Stainless Steel Battery Box

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Product Q & A

How to distinguish 48v60v72v electric car battery

Look at a few batteries, then you can look at the charger, there is a suitable voltage on the charger, that is to say, the charger used by battery cars with different voltages is ...

Electric vehicle batteries are generally 48V, 60V, 72V, 84V and even 96V.

The voltage is large, the current is small, the voltage is small, the current is large, in order to find the suitable motor and other accessories, we must take the appropriate voltage.

Are electric vehicle batteries over 48V, 60V and 72V harmful to the human body? No ...

Corrosion of the skin, etc., but in fact there is something like F fluorine in the electrolyte, in fact this kind of thing needs to generate HF hydrogen ...

What determines the voltage and current of electric vehicle batteries?

The output is relatively constant. The electric vehicle is controlled by the controller to control the power output, the controller is transported according to the electric vehicle ...

The rechargeable battery of electric vehicles, 48V60V72V. 72V has the most horsepower. This ...

Answer: The higher the voltage, the greater the speed, the greater the number of ampere hours, and the greater the number of kilometers that can be opened.

How many kilometers can electric vehicles generally travel?

The mileage of an electric car is determined according to the capacity of the battery pack.First of all, it is electric. According to the new car, the 48V12A can run 40 kilometers ...

What is the undervoltage voltage of 48V 60V 72V?

* 442V, the general controller low voltage protection is 44V. Similarly, it can be calculated that 60V 5 batteries, 72V batteries, respectively: 52.5V and 63V.

How many kilometers can a 60v electric car and a 48v electric car run?

Answer: The electric car of my family, the 60v new car of Green Horse runs 55 kilometers without people. Under good road conditions, Yadi's 48v runs about 45 kilometers. It is not an advertisement. I actually measured it.

What is the difference between 72V20A and 60V20A for electric vehicle batteries?

Will run faster.

Are battery car chargers universal?

That is to say, the voltage capacity must be consistent, and the output voltage of the plug must also be consistent, such as ...