Household switch stickers creative stickers decorative wall light switch identification sticker adhesive label affixed to the transparent luminous tips

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Product specifics
Brand Yesfeel / Original Wind
Material PVC
Pattern Writing
Style Simple And Modern
Color Classification Shaped Luminous Style / Set Of 48 Luminous Stars In Paragraph 06 / A 48 07 Distribution Box Luminous Style / Set 122 08 Free Free-cutting Write Luminous Luminous Section 09 Paragraph
Slices 1
Article Number YF097
Sales Unit Zhang

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Product Q & A

Mud can be posted on silica switch it stickers

as we all know wall stickers from abroad "imported" to come, but difficult to trace the origin switch stickers, first used by Taobao seems outgoing switch paste as a new generation ...

Wall stickers switch stickers, ready to tear it?

If an ordinary paint surface will leave a scar when tear, anti-scratch porcelain or wall smooth process has been attached. want to change the time, with a hot hair dryer blowing against ...

Switch stickers what it is?

find the switch, more practical. I just bought ya point out switch stickers, ten dollars less than you can paste the whole house switch, beautiful and practical, if you switch multi-family ...

How the optional switch stickers

waterproof, environmental protection field test can be, for example: water moistened wipe with a dry towel to see if fade, look at whether there are water marks through to the back, ...