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TCL 37 old-fashioned home wired telephone landline battery-free corded phone hands-free call fixed-line office

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Product specifics
Brand TCL
Model HCD868(37)
After-sales Service Genius
Origin China Mainland
Color Classification Black,Creamy-white
Placement Method Block Type
Telecom Equipment Network Access License Number 01-A896-193040
Additional Features Select Ringtone
Phone Type Corded Telephone
Appearance Classic Square
Time To Market 2019-05-08
Convenient And Quick R Key Transfer Do Not Disturb Freely Set Time Period
Wall-saving Function Saves Space Handsfree,
Battery-free Design Stylish Flip Design
Automatic IP Phone Bill 16 Ring Tones
Adjustable Volume Caller ID

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Product Q & A

How tcl37 type fixed-line mute

A: The phone in the hook state, press the Volume keys to adjust the ring size, a total of four, but can not be set to silent mode.

tcl37 multifunction telephone caller ID Manual

DESCRIPTION ordinary telephone number storage function of a main support, dual-mode FSK, DTMF detection 2 calls automatically, a large-capacity storage ...

TCL37 type phone how to set the date?

is cut, set after the New Year click to set the month began flashing, inferior race, and so complete the set!

TCL phone how to adjust the volume

after size, press the exit button to complete the panel settings.

tcl 37 type Caller ID is provided how

A: I also wanted to ask Egypt ......

TCL37 Telephones rang at night, the sound is like to put hands-free voice

A: the battery removed, 5 minutes again the line can be connected.

TCL37 Caller ID phone ringtones how to set up

Answer: TCL landline ringtone I think each model is about the same, you try to press the button and set the ring tone key, repeatedly pressed simultaneously, you can select the ringtone you want to set up