Paris explosion models starting screw perm wig volume Mawei back of the head replacement lid white hairnet red braid WP168

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Brand Other/other
Wig Single Product Other Items
Color Classification Black Drawstring Ponytail,Drawstring Ponytail Light Brown,Drawstring Ponytail Red Wine,Drawstring Ponytail Dark Brown,Drawstring Ponytail Black Burgundy,Gripper Black Ponytail,Gripper Dark Brown Ponytail,Gripper Light Brown Ponytail,Gripper Black Ponytail Red Wine,Gripper Mawei Gold Copper,Gripper Ponytail Red Wine,Gripper Blond Ponytail,+ Care Solution + Black Drawstring Gift,Drawstring Dark Brown + Care Solution + Gift,Rope Light Brown + Care Solution + Gift,Burgundy Drawstring Gift + Care Solution +,Drawstring Black Burgundy + Care Solution + Gift,Catch Cards Black + Care Solution + Gift,Grasping The Card Dark Brown + Care Solution + Gift,Grasping The Card Light Brown + Care Solution + Gift,Grab Bronze Card Care Solution + Gift +,Kaya Arrested Ma + Care Solution + Gift,Grasping The Card Burgundy + Care Solution + Gift,Catch Card Black Burgundy + Care Solution + Gift
Hair Material High-temperature Wire

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