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Three guest tour grilled sea duck egg salted duck egg authentic oil non-North Bay mangrove duck egg sea salt egg 20

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Product specifics
Production License Number SC11944078300129
Product Standards Q/HWJ001S
Factory Name Kaiping Haowangjia Egg Products Co., Ltd.
Factory Address No. 11, Xiangxin Street, Shuibian Industrial Zone, Tangkou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, China
Manufacturer Contact 13126262789
Ingredient Table Fresh Sea Duck Egg, Edible Salt, Pure Water
Storage Method Keep It Cool And Ventilated, Avoid Direct Sunlight
Shelf Life 300
Food Additive No
Brand Three Passengers
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Kaiping City
Whether It Is Organic Food No
Product Barcode 6970273290177
Model SKLHD-20-1
Packing Package
Way Of Selling Single Product
Package Size 2 Servings
Package Cycle 2 Weeks
Frequency Of Delivery Once A Week
Net Weight 1400g
Number Of Pieces 20 Pieces
Single Weight 70g
Production Date December 06, 2018 To December 06, 2018

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