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Specialty authentic ready-to-eat oily cooked salted duck egg yolk

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Product specifics
Packing Package
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Hubei Province
City Xiaogan City
Brand ThreeSquirrels/Three Squirrels
Number Of Pieces 4 Pieces
Net Weight 240g
Production License Number SC11642098200015
Product Standards Q/HSD0002S
Factory Name Hubei Shendan Health Food Co., Ltd.
Factory Address 1, No. 3, East Jiefang Avenue, Anlu City, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province; 2, No. 24, East Street, Lishui Town, Anlu City, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province
Manufacturer Contact 400-800-4900
Ingredient Table Fresh Duck Egg, Water, Table Salt
Storage Method Please Store In A Cool, Ventilated And Dry Place, Better Refrigerated
Shelf Life 270
Food Additive No
Production Date September 29, 2018 To October 20, 2018

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