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Baby brush DIY self-made Rosewood carving baby hair pen custom Full moon gift birthday baby souvenir

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Product specifics
Suitable Age Newborn,6 Months
Brand A Family Relationship
Model 6
Color Classification Dragon Pole,Phoenix Pole,Chicken Pole

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Product Q & A

Pingguo fruit brand baby brush Shanghai

The work is really good. My daughter was born with a custom-made safe fruit brush. I did more than a thousand. I wanted to do more, but our baby's baby hair can only do this, but...

What is a fetal brush?

The baby's hair, the baby's hair, the baby's hair, the baby's hair, the baby's hair, the baby's hair, and so on, will be faced with the problem. If the previous period...

Baby brush

A: It is a chicken, a baby boy, and the name is Chen Yiming.

Tire brush making step

Eliminate the miscellaneous hair, fluff, and frontless hair that are not suitable for the pen, and sort it into a semi-finished tip. It is one of the most complicated and critical processes in the technology of the fetal brush...

What is the meaning of a fetal brush?

Since ancient times, there has been a custom of making a fetal brush. According to legend, in ancient times, a book was poor, and the child’s hair was cut and made into a brush...

Where can I make a fetal brush?

The general brush factory of the fetal brush can do it, but the baby hair is generally only a one as a souvenir, so the general factory really does not want to give...

The baby is almost full moon, I want to give him a baby brush to be remembered, ask the next...

The company's service is still very good, the master of the hairdressing is very professional, and the recommended gifts for the son are very good, I still feel that...

Fetal brush blessing

You walk together, let good luck always go along. 2. Solidify the perfect moment, keep the truth. 3. Grasp the opportunity of life, raise the sail of life. 4. May your feet...

How much is the fetal brush?

A: Hello! The price of the fetal hair pen is relatively high. The lowest price is about 70, and the high price is several thousand. Generally, the appearance of 300 or so is very beautiful. I have two children in my family. Make a commemoration!

What are the characteristics of a safe fruit brush?

I was also prepared to show at the wedding scene the souvenir of my hour at that time. It was still very auspicious and very moving.