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Baby brush DIY self-made Rosewood carving baby hair pen custom Full moon gift birthday baby souvenir

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Product specifics
Suitable Age Newborn,6 Months
Brand A Family Relationship
Model 6
Color Classification Dragon Pole,Phoenix Pole,Chicken Pole

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Product Q & A

Where can I make a fetal brush?

The general brush factory of the fetal brush can do it, but the baby hair is generally only a one as a souvenir, so the general factory really does not want to give...

What is the meaning of a fetal brush?

Since ancient times, there has been a custom of making a fetal brush. According to legend, in ancient times, a book was poor, and the child’s hair was cut and made into a brush...

How much is the fetal brush?

, jade and so on.

Tire brush making step

Eliminate the miscellaneous hair, fluff, and frontless hair that are not suitable for the pen, and sort it into a semi-finished tip. It is one of the most complicated and critical processes in the technology of the fetal brush...

Shunyi, where do you want to print your hands and feet and your baby's hair?

The experience of the division is very rich. After a few moments, I will give my family a little bald haha. Haha's tire brush and hand and foot prints in their homes, the product workmanship is also very beautiful....

Where is the production of the baby brush in Nantong?

I feel that the pen he made is still good, but I don’t know the pen and the pen, you ask.

Recently, I found that many young mothers like to use the baby's baby hair as a fetal brush...

The most professional baby and child exhibition. This year's exhibition gathered more than 1,600 participants...

What are the requirements for the hair of a fetal hairbrush such as: length, collection method,...

A: Do the pen, mainly depends on how the baby's hair is raised, the hair is more, the long pen is more full, the fetal brush is actually mainly to avoid evil, commonly known as the champion pen, only once in a lifetime.

Infant and child's souvenir, baby brush, baby hair stamp, hand and foot print advertising words

Steps out of the century. 5. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 6. The current footprint is brilliant, and the future is bright. 7. Pengcheng Wanli, starting from this step: down-to-earth, to create the future. 8....

Is the price of a baby brush expensive?

Fee + door-to-door service fee. The big head is making wages in the pen, a good master spends an hour or two alone for you, how much should it be...