Charging Mavericks U1 US U + electric car storage box storage box front car storage basket box modified accessories

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Brands Other / Other
Color Classification US Special Storage Box,U + A Special Storage Box With Hook To Send Blue Light Meter Cover,U + B Special Storage Box With Hook To Send Blue Light Meter Cover,U1A / B / C Special Hook Style,U1A / B / C Special Premium Version With Cover Style,U1 Storage Box Ordinary Model No Hook No Cover

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Product Q & A

Mavericks U1 electric car and M1 which is better

The motor is imported for good battery life. The disadvantage is that there are too few places to put things in the bucket.

Mavericks electric car storage

A: The storage space is given official 18.9L, storage space is not a special rule, but for daily use.

Mavericks electric vehicle contact speed limit method? Solution

Brake and hold down the green start button, wait ten seconds, then release, then turn off the key, and then you can try the speed. Extended information: Maverick electric scooter uses ...

What specifications tires for Mavericks electric vehicles

Answer: Urban version 90 / 90-12 two tires Power version Front 90 / 90-12 Rear 120 / 70-12 Brand looks like Chaoyang

Mavericks u1 72v battery electric vehicle batteries do

A: Yes, 72-volt, 20 amp,