Ultrasonic mosquito repellent household mosquito killer bedroom plug in electric repellent bat flies cockroaches electronic indoor insect repellent artifact

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Product specifics
Brand Neutral
Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Shenzhen
Applicable Space Bedroom
Packing Type Boxed
Color Classification A White Imported Smart Chip,Two White Imported Smart Chips,Three White Imported Smart Chips,A White Version Of The High-frequency Enhanced Power Version,Two White Mounted High-frequency Inverters,Inverter High-power Enhanced Version Of Three White,A White Version Of The Ordinary Version,A White Version Of The Exclusive Version,Exclusive Edition Three White Packs
Gross Weight 50
Whether It Can Be Charged Not Rechargeable
Article Number 01
Appearance Conventional
Package Volume 20*20*20

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Product Q & A

Does electronic insect repellent work?

The ideal companion for guarding and living at home. It is safe for the environment and harmless to the human body. You should pay attention to the use of electronic mosquito repellent, if the battery is not for two months ...