Toilet toilet balcony window stickers translucent opaque glass window grilles matte film anti emptied

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Product specifics
Brand Chong Chul Home Accessories
Material Pvc
Pattern Cartoon Anime
Style Simple And Modern
Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Guangzhou City
Color Classification Electrostatic Free ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO Custom Plastic Matte Film 48 Yuan / Square Meter
Slices 1
Article Number CZLZ01
Sales Unit Zhang
Size Small Medium Large Super Ultra-small
Size 30x60cm30x90cm35x80cm35x90cm40x60cm40x80cm40x90cm50x80cm50x90cm50x100cm60x90cm60x120cm70x120cm80x120cm90x120cm45x60cm45x75cm45x90cm45x120cm

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