Frosted glass window stickers electrostatic film to the glass sliding door stickers window paper translucent opaque cellophane bedroom window

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Product specifics
Brand Hsxuan / Hongxuan
Material PVC Static Stickers
Pattern Plant Flowers
Style American Village
Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Guangzhou City
Color Classification Flower Frosted Adhesion Thickened Fruit / Static Stickers / P Free Stickers Fig Tree Thickly Frosted / Static Stickers / Stickers Free
Slices 1
Article Number 20120305
Sales Unit Meter
Size Small Medium Large Super Ultra-small
Size 100x40cm100x45cm100x50cm100x60cm100x70cm100x80cm100x90cm100x122cm

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Product Q & A

How sticker affixed matte opaque bathroom toilet translucent cellophane window shading ...

after. plastic ruler scrape out the water there is no water because the air bubbles completely leveled. the sides of a knife cut the excess film down the line.

What color best UV cellophane window stickers

not block ultraviolet light, window paper depends on the degree of color depth, the deeper the color, the more UV fired into the room, for example a black window paper ships ...

Glass window stickers paper to how, under the guidance of demand

the purpose is to ensure that the stick cellophane that is inappropriate may be easily peeled off, start over; 4, tearing a small angle cellophane, ...

Frosted glass paper where buy? How much is a square?

A: If the number is not, I'll teach you a way to buy a piece of ordinary glass, and then buy direct gravel grinding, grinding time even point on the line more than two things should be good to buy it.