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JOG wildfire RSZ Fuk Hei Hei Jin Li Xun Eagle Hammer GY6 Cygnus BWS retrofit Chuanou Lux clutch big spring

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Product specifics
Brand Accossato / Chuanou Lux
Model Clutch Spring
Color Classification Fuxi Qiaoge Ghost Fire 100CC1000 Rpm,Fuxi Qiaoge Ghost Fire 100CC1200 Rpm,Fuxi Qiaoge Ghost Fire 100CC1500 Rpm,Jinli GY6 Halma 1000 Rpm,Jinli GY6 Halma 1200 Rpm,Jinli GY6 Halma 1500 Rpm,Fighting Fast Eagle BWS1000 Rpm,Fighting Fast Eagle BWS1200 Rpm,Fighting Fast Eagle BWS1500 Turn

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