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Wufangzhai salted duck egg authentic oily salted egg 4 boxes specialty duck egg egg yolk cooked salt duck egg salted egg yolk

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Product specifics
Brand Wufangzhai
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Province Zhejiang Province
City Ningbo City
Packing Package
Net Weight 960g
Number Of Pieces 16 Pieces
Single Weight 60g
Production License Number SC11933028200398
Factory Name Cixi Xianglong Food Factory
Factory Address No. 238, Lvyuan 1st Road, Cixi Green Agricultural Products Processing Base, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Manufacturer Contact 4008773333
Ingredients See Packaging
Storage Method See Packaging
Shelf Life 180
Food Additive See Packaging
Production Date May 06, 2019 To May 31, 2019

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Product Q & A

Can Wufangzhai salted duck eggs be eaten raw?

A: Look at what was originally cooked or raw. Generally salted duck eggs are cooked and sold.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wufangzhai salted duck eggs?

Rich; there is a saying that eating summer eggs, called "Summer", so that people will not lose weight in the summer, do not lose weight, strength and strength, work hard ----- different opinions, but...

Is the Wufangzhai bag salted duck egg cooked or cooked?

A: Pack the bag after cooking. If you like to eat hot, you can cook it again.

Is the salted duck egg of Wufangzhai delicious?

A: Breakfast porridge with salted eggs, very good choice

I would like to ask Kunming where there are salted duck eggs selling Wufangzhai.

A: Is the Wufangzhai bag salted duck egg cooked or cooked? Cooked