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Xiaomi Mijia smart socket WiFi version power plug-in board plug multi-function plug-in remote control wiring board

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Product specifics
Brand Xiaomi / Millet
Color Classification Smart Socket Wifi Version - Standard Smart Socket Wifi Version - SF Plug-in Board Extension Cable 4.8m Power Storage Box 3 Hole 3usb Patch Panel - White
Manufacturer Shanghai Chuangmi Technology Co., Ltd.
Warranty Period 12 Months

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Product Q & A

The difference between the Zijia smart socket zigbee version and the wifi version

AP routing: TMA1508B-MT7688 series; TMA3007A-MT7628 series. ...

Xiaomi rice home socket 6 hole intelligent timing plug to use the specified wifi?

Socket device, we click OK to connect. Or we can click the plus sign in the upper right corner to add the device. At this time...

Can the Mijia wireless switch control the Mijia smart socket?

A: Yes, set the linkage function in the app, press the wireless switch to close the selected socket.

Xiaomi smart socket Basic version and Mijia smart socket which is better

A: Look at your own needs, if you only use the basic version, if you want to charge at the same time you can buy a version with USB, if you have a Xiaomi smart gateway at home or want to achieve remote control, you can choose the smart version.

Xiaoai audio + millet router + Mijia smart socket can control air conditioning?

A: You need an air conditioner companion socket, but the smart socket can be powered off, but it can't control the air conditioner, there is no practical effect.

Xiaomi ai audio control is what version of Mijia smart socket

A: As long as it is a smart product of the Xiaomi ecological chain, no matter what version, simply say that as long as the current Mijia APP can control, Xiaomi AI can control

Can the Mijia smart socket save power?

It is an annual electric appliance that can save about 50-200 yuan. The main purpose is to accumulate less and save more earth resources. The WiFi home of the home is standby...

The difference between Mijia smart socket and zigbee

A: In fact, the agreement is not the same. Your question is to ask the difference between Zigbee and Wifi! Because the Zigbee protocol has much more potential in the future for smart home than Wifi, the early launch of the Wifi version is just an excessive one.

Mijia smart socket can control air conditioning?

A: It is not recommended. The power can only be barely satisfied. It is necessary to know that if the air conditioner is working, it will be hot and unsafe.

What is the size specification of the Xiaomi Mijia smart socket enhanced version?

A: The appearance of Xiaomi Mijia smart socket is 5.5 cm long, 4.4 cm wide and 3.1 cm thick without pin length, which is equivalent to the size of a matchbox.