Xiaoqing mandarin Pu'er tea 2019 special genuine Xinhui Meijiang orange peel mandarin tea cooked tea tea gift box 400g

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Product specifics
Brand Huifu Garden
Series 18 Mandarins With 5 Teas
Pu'er Production Process Cooked Tea
Shape Mini Xiaotuo Tea
Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Jiangmen
Packing Type Gift Box
Pu'er Tea Year 5 Years With -10 Years Without
Packing Package
Whether To Import Domestic
Package Size 1 Person
Package Cycle 1 Week
Delivery Frequency Once A Week
Price Segment 200-299 Yuan
Special Products Pu'er Tea
Tea Area Menghai Tea District
For People General
Net Weight 400g
Packing Specification 1 Can
Net Content Per Piece 400g
Brewing Water Temperature 100-100℃
Tea Fragrance Chen Xiang
Production License Number SC11444070502642
Product Standards Q/XHLF0001S
Factory Name Liangjiang Orange Tea Processing Factory, Sanjiang Town, Xinhui District
Factory Site Landside Of Nanao Chong Qiwei, Sanjiang Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province
Manufacturer Contact 18620131668
Ingredients Yunnan Daye Seed Sun Green Wool, Guangdong Xinhui Meijiang Green Orange
Storage Method Place In A Cool Place Without Odor
Shelf Life 2190
Production Date September 18, 2019 To September 18, 2019

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