Yadi Aurora 2.0 battery car foot pedal X-Men electric car pedals original aluminum alloy electroplating pedals

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Color Classification One On The Left And One On The Right
Brand Wan Sloan
Article Number Aurora Pedal

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Product Q & A

Yadi electric car how much money Aurora 2.0

I also went to the store to see ~

Yadi Aurora 2.0 speed limits do?

electric cars real leader, the electric car brand in the industry. China for four consecutive years won the China light industry light industry hundred enterprises in electric bicycles ...

Laser 2.0 Yadi electric car, okay, how much money it is a normal price? With ...

speed approaching 40 km / h. cushion is relatively small, suitable for single ride. very cool headlights, front and rear shock more comfortable. is an excellent single-generation ...

Yadi Aurora 2.0 finite speed cable? Can you change cars

A: The speed limit before the vehicle has a factory, selling cars is going to be according to customer requirements to lift the speed limit, not a vehicle should not change the original state before the three bags, three bags of it otherwise would be affected.

Yadi electric cars, Aurora, and Men, respectively, how much money the lowest price ... ..

more than a hundred per hour

How about Yadi electric car? A few days ago to see a sister Aurora that a ride, ...

for a year no problems.

Yadi X Aurora 2.0 I added a battery can not display the dashboard, ...

A: pro, you pay plus a number of battery changed, and certainly not the meter shows

Yadi Aurora 2.0 okay with people

single people a little bit slow, a friend said: more than 3,000 trams are a bit different ....... personal recommendations or not manned as much as possible, in order to secure @

Friends of God you right this Yadi 2.0 aurora now about what the price

A: It should be little difference in appearance is also very cool, around 4000, every place is not the same ~ ~ ~

Yadi Aurora 2.0 retrofitting how good-looking?

A: The front and rear brake disc changer, motor doubled, increasing lithium battery, replace the controller can buy a new car I'm not going to change, and waited.