Yinghong No. 9 Yingde Black Tea Genuine Extra Luminous 1959 Bulk No. 9 Guangdong Specialty Tea 500g

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Product specifics
Production License Number SC11444188100134
Product Standards DB44/T300-2006
Factory Name Yingde Sanyuan Black Tea Co., Ltd.
Factory Site Hejiaoyuan Pyrite Transport Brigade, Tianjiang Village Committee, Yinghong Town, Yingde City, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province
Manufacturer Contact 0763-2286032
Ingredients Fresh Tea Leaves
Storage Method Protect From Light And Store In A Cool Dry Place
Shelf Life 540
Food Additives No
Brand Miyuan Red
Series Yinghong 9
Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Yingde
Food Craft Kung Fu Black Tea
Packing Type Bagged
Product Barcode 6970314010016
Packing Package
Package Size 2 People
Package Cycle 1 Week
Delivery Frequency 2 Times A Week
Price Segment 1-59 Yuan
Types Of Tea Yingde Black Tea
Level First Class
Growing Season Spring
Net Weight 500 G
Production Date December 05, 2018 To February 02, 2019

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